Reveal the Power of Omnichannel with Forrester at TFUS19

Dan Bieler TFUS19

When it comes to Making the Perfect Connection, we no longer live in a one-size-fits-all, cookie cutter world. Customers don’t want a single customer service solution; they want a comprehensive customer EXPERIENCE. They expect brands to provide seamless, personalized experiences across each interaction – regardless of the communications channel. From talking on the phone with a live agent to sending instant messages on social media to engaging in an online chat, it’s critical that businesses provide a unified brand experience so that customer can switch between multiple channels yet still experience the highest quality of service.

What can organizations do to shift their customer engagement approach and not just meet but SURPASS expectations? Join Dan Bieler, Principal Research Analyst at Forrester, for an industry-inspired look at omnichannel and how it contributes to successfully achieving a fully integrated customer experience. In his industry keynote, Omnichannel: Transforming Customer Engagement in the Digital Era, Dan will discuss how telecoms and businesses can leverage omnichannel to enhance customer experience, the opportunities that an omnichannel strategy presents and more.

Learn more about this important cross-channel strategy that has stimulated the growth of new solutions that enhance Toll-Free Numbers when you attend the 2019 Toll-Free User Summit this October 15-17 in Boston! Register now to join industry experts and peers to see how to ensure you’re always Making the Perfect Connection.

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