RealStories: All Access Telecom + RealNumber® DNO = A Strong, More Reliable Network

RealStories: All Access Telecom + RealNumber DNO = A Strong, More Reliable Network

Since its founding in 2009, All Access Telecom has specialized in providing U.S. termination services to telecom service providers all around the world.

Recently, All Access Telecom made the strategic decision to integrate Somos' RealNumber® DNO solution into their network infrastructure. In the ever-evolving telecom industry, where network security and consistent performance are paramount, RealNumber DNO has helped All Access Telecom deliver more reliable and trusted connections.

Here is what Martin Potia, Chief Operating Officer at All Access Telecom, had to say about the impact of this integration on their network's performance and security:

“We are thrilled to share our positive experience following the integration of Somos’ RealNumber DNO solution into the All Access Telecom network. The decision to integrate this particular DNO (do not originate) solution has proven to be a game-changer for our operations.

Since implementing RealNumber DNO, we have witnessed an improvement in our capacity to restrain unauthorized and fraudulent phone calls. The robust features offered by RealNumber DNO have strengthened our network against potential threats and created a more secure communication environment for both our upstream customers as well as downstream vendors.

The integration process for RealNumber DNO was seamless, thanks to the user-friendly interface. The support provided by Somos has been equally smooth and has helped to solidify our confidence in the solution.

Overall, the addition of Somos’ RealNumber DNO to the All Access Telecom network has significantly reinforced our defenses against fraudulent calls and has elevated the reliability of our infrastructure. We highly recommend RealNumber DNO to any organization that seeks to enhance their network security against calls from invalid, unallocated and/or unused numbers.”

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