Unlock the Power of Toll-Free – Seven Benefits to Elevate your Business

Today, companies are purchasing more new Toll-Free Numbers than ever. Surprising? Actually, not really. A recent Gartner survey found Toll-Free Number use was projected to rise more than 75% acrossall industries. Toll-Free Numbers are not only still a huge part of better understanding and servicing customers, but they can also be an important tool for everything a business needs to do — from streamlining call center operations to analyzing marketing reach and impact.

So just what are some of the top benefits of Toll-Free?

Seven Benefits to Elevate your Business

1. Trust

When a customer sees your Toll-Free Number, the recognition is instant, and the projected image is reputable and trusted. Toll-Free Numbers lend an air of credibility and professionalism and help project a national presence. Consumers recognize that when they dial a Toll-Free Number, they are reaching a legitimate business. 

2. Recall

A Toll-Free Number creates greater recognizably and potential for recall, especially when it’s a “vanity” number. For example, a business owner using 1-866-PETS-R-US is going to be far more memorable than one using a randomly assigned local phone number. You can also easily deploy hundreds, even thousands, of Toll-Free Numbers to correspond with specific marketing campaign segments, allowing you to tailor numbers to generate specific regional traction and offer extra insights into overall advertising effectiveness.

3. Convert

Once customers have made the decision to buy, the voice-to-voice phone call still offers the greatest chance for conversion and customer satisfaction. Any seasoned sales professional will tell you that nothing can replace the power of good old voice-to-voice communication. According to a survey from BIA/Kelsey, inbound phone calls are the most valuable type of lead, with a 30%-50% average conversion rate, while web clicks have a mere 1%-2% conversion rate. 58% of callers to a business are calling about a purchase of $100 or more and 28% are calling about a purchase of $500 or more.

4. Text

Text enabling opens your Toll-Free Number to a new line of communication and adds a convenient way for your customer to contact you. 62% of survey respondents indicated they would prefer to communicate with a business via text because it keeps them from being tied to their phone or computer. Texting also offers the most convenient and cost-effective communication solution for your business. 75% of companies reported they connected with customers more effectively after text enabling their Toll-Free Number and a whopping 97% reported that their communications were more efficient overall. Not bad.

5. Measure

Toll-Free Numbers offer amazing new avenues to measure agent sales and service techniques and strategies. When combined with an embedded click-to-call feature and cutting-edge analytics software, they can help you build a customer’s profile before they are even connected to an agent. Plus, through call-monitoring and utilizing voice-recognition technology, companies can track agent performance across multiple channels and see which sales approaches or service practices are the most successful. This comprehensive approach to contact center analytics can help a business take a deeper look at absolutely everything its Toll-Free Number touches and offer broad range of intelligence and insights.

6. Attribute

Toll-Free Numbers aren’t just for contact centers – they can also be marketing’s best friend. Marketing professionals can track a campaign’s reach and effectiveness by designating unique Toll-Free Numbers to various campaign themes and components and measuring the results. This kind of next-level campaign tracking can have a significant impact when it comes to informing your marketing budget, so you can tell exactly what ad, creative asset, and media channel are having the greatest impact.

7. Analyze

Contact center analytics takes a deep look at everything your Toll-Free Number touches, revealing broader intelligence and insights.

When you unlock the power of Toll-Free, you meet customers where they are, allow them to contact you in the method they choose, offer a greater potential for closing a sale, and give incomparable insights into your customers and your relationship with them. All that adds to a valuable, critical tool that no business should ever be without.

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