Webinar Recap: MGI/WBA Decommissioning Readiness

To help promote the future of Toll-Free and optimize performance, the legacy Mechanized Generic Interface (MGI) and Web Based Access (WBA) will be decommissioned effective September 30, 2021. The decommissioning is part of a greater initiative to help foster stronger and more meaningful connections between businesses, communities and consumers as well as drive innovation within our industry.

In an effort to further support meaningful connections and promote agility and scalability for Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs), Somos recently hosted a webinar that focused on the necessary steps needed to ensure a seamless transition to the new APIs and/or User Interface (UI). Specifically, the webinar provided a migration checklist, helpful links, online resources and additional helpful best practices.

Watch the recorded webinar – and check out the accompanying presentation deck – to gain migration tips and tricks as well as preparation how-tos for your interfaces before and after the shift.

Download Presentation Slides




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