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At a time when telecom-related fraud is abounding, Somos is taking a stand and developing solutions that not only safeguard consumers, but also to help restore trust in telecom.

Learn more about our suite of fraud mitigation solutions that are preserving confidence and trust in communications.

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RealNumber DNO

Ensure Compliance with DNO Regulations

At a time when consumer protection is at a premium – and scammers will stop at nothing to defraud the innocent – RealNumber Do Not Originate (DNO) is an effective solution for combatting illegal spoofed phone calls. The platform works by allowing Service Providers to identify Toll-Free and 10-digit local numbers that do not originate calls, thus helping to prevent calls from illegitimate numbers to be passed.

Avoid Potential TCPA Violations with RealAgent

Avoid Expensive TCPA Violations

Now more than ever, regulatory compliance is a MUST. With RealAgent, not only can organizations ensure that they are adhering to FCC mandates, but they can also increase safe harbor, potentially avoid costly fines and be confident that their communications are reaching their intended recipient. By offering direct access to the Reassigned Numbers Database (RND), RealAgent empowers enterprises with the crucial data they need to avoid calling or texting numbers that have been disconnected and potentially reassigned.


TFN Identity

Drive Trust and Maximize Customer Engagement

Being able to recognize an incoming call – especially an incoming Toll-Free call – can be the secret you need to drive trust and maximize customer engagement. Help your customers hit a homerun with TFN Identity – a CNAM database that customers can trust to deliver Caller ID information from their Responsible Organization (Resp Org), a source they know and recognize.

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Building a Foundation of Trust

A secure database for all Toll-Free Numbers and a record of their active/inactive status is at the root of establishing trust in number administration. That’s why the TFNRegistry™ not only allows certified Toll-Free Service Providers to provide enterprise customers with a trusted, easily recognizable brand identifier but also an authoritative repository for verified Toll-Free Number information. Through the data housed in the TFNRegistry™, carriers, brands, and consumers have a time-tested foundation for the future innovation in Toll-Free communications.

TSS Registry Logo

Keeping Messaging Over Toll-Free Trusted

These days, consumers want options that fit into the flow of their daily lives. With the TSS Registry, enterprises can work with Service Registrars to text enable Toll-Free Numbers with confidence. The TSS Registry features an established Resp Org validation process that validates end user ownership before text enabling a Toll-Free Number. This ensures that all numbers that are text enabled are meant to be!


RouteLink Logo

Identifying Fraud Before it Can Happen

Providing traditional and IP routing data to carriers is RouteLink’s core value proposition. No one-trick pony however, RouteLink additionally provides data which can be used to act as a first line of watch for identifying potentially fraudulent activity. Via the TFNRegistry™, RouteLink monitors the active/inactive status of Toll-Free Numbers and incorporates this reporting in the routing data it provides users. Leveraging this data, RouteLink can be used to tip off service providers to malicious activity and thus help them minimize fraudulent Toll-Free Number usage.

The Need for Trust Today

1500+ Robocalls are placed every second
88% of business calls go unanswered
75% of consumers report missing important calls
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At Somos, we’re in the of business of protecting consumers and building trust. From voice to messaging to fraud prevention and beyond, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that help maintain trustworthy connections. Ready to learn more? Complete the form here to connect with a Somos team member.