Exploring the Future of Product Management and Development with Somos Advisory Board Member Alla Reznik

When it comes to Somos’ Advisory Board, we’re excited to have the opportunity to assemble a venerable group of industry standouts who provide strategic input, business intelligence and advice to help ensure the continued advancement of communications. Through strategic discussions, the Advisory Board serves as a key contributor to Somos advancing its mission to empower more trusted connections between brands, consumers and communities.

In the latest installment of our Advisory Board member spotlight, we are excited to introduce you to Alla Reznik, Executive Director, Product for Verizon Business Group (VBG). Since joining Verizon in 2001, Alla has risen through the ranks to become a leading product management and development luminary. Through her leadership, she has demonstrated how technology has the power to change the world for the better – and that with determination, drive and passion – YOU can be the person in the driver seat!

Alla Reznik

From mobile phones and devices to the Internet of Things (IoT) to business connectivity solutions, most of us know about the different products and services that Verizon provides. But how many of us know about how the different products and services got to be what they are today? Alla and her team at VBG have the answers. In her efforts to channel technology into inventive solutions that satisfy the never-ending quest to confront today’s global challenges, her team is unquestionably at the forefront of shaping the future of technology and enabling businesses to flourish and ultimately, produce user-friendly, feature-rich and competitive capabilities.

Sounds like a large order, right? 

Fortunately, with her expertise in product conceptualization and development, go-to-market strategy and B2B partner integration, Alla has proven to have a knack in leading the next generation of technology. 

“Technology itself is exciting, but what really thrills me is watching how technology enhances our world. From major innovations – such as self-driving cars – to minor improvements in how my Fitbit tracks and manages my health and fitness data, it’s amazing to see how technology continues to transform and address the challenges of everyday, modern life.”

Alla ReznikThat said, it probably comes to no surprise that Alla excels at shaping strategic product direction, understanding specific customer needs and marrying that understanding with Verizon’s current product capabilities and assets at large. And as a member of Somos’ Advisory Board, she is able to bring these skills to the table and help contribute to Somos’ mission of ensuring more trusted connections between brands, consumers and communities.

“Alla is well accomplished at listening to and capturing the nuances of customer requirements, ensuring that they are taken into account during development and then coordinating the go-to-market strategy,” says David Stewart, SVP and Chief Business Development Officer at Somos. “We are honored to have her as a Somos Advisory Board member. At a time when the telecom industry is undergoing tremendous levels of transformation, we look forward to incorporating her insight into the tools and tactics that can be applied to meet new demands and trends.”   

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