The STIR/SHAKEN Deadline Countdown is On: What You Need to Know, Important Dates and More

In just a few short days – June 30th, 2021, specifically – the STIR/SHAKEN framework deadline will go into effect. Created to help combat illegal caller ID spoofing and prevent robocallers from making unwanted and fraudulent calls, this protocol was developed to help ensure that the identity associated with every call is authenticated when it originates, thus allowing individuals to rest assured that a number calling them shows an authenticated telephone number.

For Responsible Organizations (Resp Orgs), the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN will undoubtedly provide a major shift in how trusted connections with customers are built and maintained. For the shift to be successful however, we must ensure that we are all doing our part, which includes meeting important deadlines:

June 30, 2021 Deadline Requirements: Per the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC’s) March 2020 mandate, voice service providers are required to implement the STIR/SHAKEN framework in the Internet Protocol (IP) portions of their voice networks. Specifically, voice service providers must update portions of their network infrastructure to enable it to authenticate and verify caller ID information consistent with the STIR/SHAKEN protocol.

Via a three-tiered attestation process, a call’s legitimacy is established through certification and authentication. Through the attestation process, providers gain access to vital information that can be used by terminating voice service providers to block or label illegal robocalls before those calls reach the end user. Enterprises are encouraged to work with their Originating Service Provider (OSP) to understand how the OSP intends to approach achieving attestation for outbound calls.

Resp Orgs, who are Voice Service Providers, are required to have submitted their certifications, identification information and contact information via the Federal Communications Commission’s Robocalling Mitigation Database. Instructions for submitting a certification can be accessed by clicking here. Specifically, per the mandate:

“Voice Service Providers are to provide the following identification information in the portal on the Commission’s website: 

  1. the voice service provider’s business name(s) and primary address; 
  2. other business names in use by the voice service provider; 
  3. all business names previously used by the voice service provider; 
  4. whether a voice service provider is a foreign voice service provider; and 
  5. the name, title, department, business address, telephone number, and email address of a central point of contact within the company responsible for addressing robocall-mitigation-related issues.”


September 28, 2021 Deadline Requirements: Ninety days after the STIR/SHAKEN deadline mentioned above, beginning on the September 28, 2021 deadline, intermediate providers and terminating voice service providers will be prohibited from accepting traffic from voice service providers not listed in the FCC’s Robocall Mitigation Database. Service providers who are not in compliance risk having their calls blocked.

Resp Orgs looking to establish a Know Your Customer (KYC) vetting plan and process are encouraged to contact Somos at for more information. 

In preparation for these deadlines, Somos will be offering a complimentary webinar late this summer (details are forthcoming, click here to sign up for alerts). During the webinar, SMEs from Somos’ Industry Relations and Public Policy team will provide an in-depth look at the STIR/SHAKEN governance model, the certification process and more.


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