Somos, Inc.’s RealNumber® DNO Solution Expanded to Include 10-Digit Local Numbers

East Brunswick, NJ, OCTOBER 5, 2021 -- Somos, Inc., a leading registry management and data solutions company, today announced that its proprietary solution RealNumber® Do Not Originate (DNO), a valuable tool that can be leveraged to help identify the fraudulent use of spoofing of businesses’ inbound-only telephone number lines, has expanded its robust dataset of Toll-Free Numbers to now include 10-digit local numbers. 

At a time when consumer protection is at a premium, RealNumber DNO provides an effective solution to halt the prevalence of fraudulent activity via spoofed phone numbers. Specifically, this solution allows Service Providers to identify Toll-Free Numbers and 10-digit local numbers that do not originate calls, thus helping to prevent calls from illegitimate numbers to be passed on to the recipient caller AKA the customer. As of current, the RealNumber DNO dataset contains over 628 million records including:

  • 28 million unassigned and unallocated Toll-Free Numbers
  • 730 thousand Service Provider identified Toll-Free Numbers
  • Over 600 million unassigned and unallocated local numbers.

“Fraudsters have been getting more and more creative with their scams, which is why it’s imperative that our consumer protections keep pace,” states Kyle Belcher, Senior Product Manager, RealNumber at Somos. “With the addition of the local number dataset, RealNumber DNO is not only helping to stop more fraudsters, it’s cutting them off before they can even reach the starting line.”

See firsthand how RealNumber DNO is helping organizations identify illegitimately used numbers and could better protect their customers from fraud when you contact Somos today. Interested parties can email to gain access to RealNumber DNO’s dataset as well as unlock the platform’s key benefits, features and performance factors.

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About Somos, Inc.:

As the world becomes more interconnected, Somos enables brands, consumers, and communities to communicate in an environment of greater trust and convenience. Somos is a global source of number administration, routing data, identity verification, and identity management services for the telecommunications ecosystem. As the trusted administrator of the North American Numbering Plan (NANPA), Toll-Free Numbering (TFNA), and the Reassigned Number Database (RNDA), we support over 1,400 service providers in North America and manage over 3 billion numbers to enable seamless communications between enterprises and consumers.

Through our portfolio of products and services, and a collaborative approach in everything we do, Somos helps ensure trust in an increasingly digital world while delivering value, innovation, and results to consumers. To learn more about Somos, please visit


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