RealNumber: Your Key to Driving Trust

Equipping Responsible Organizations with the tools needed to provide Enterprise Right-To-Use verification

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Maintain the Integrity of Voice Communications

It’s common knowledge and even data supported: Enterprises who talk directly to customers reap countless benefits over those who cannot or do not. To have these direct conversations, however, customers need to be able to confidently answer calls from enterprises, which means that before anything else, they need to trust the number that is calling them.

When it comes to attesting voice calls – How can Responsible Organizations build on their relationships with their enterprises by helping them receive A-Level Attestation? RealNumber.

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Helping Resp Orgs Enable Enterprises to Achieve A-Level Attestation

RealNumber is an innovative solution that works by validating the assignment by a Telephone Number Service Provider (TNSP) of a Toll-Free Number. The baseline for validation comes directly from the Responsible Organization (Resp Org) of Record. RealNumber works to protect the security and privacy of Enterprises data by working with the Resp Org and consuming only the data points relevant to validation. At a time when trust is paramount, consumers can rest assured that Toll-Free Numbers vetted through RealNumber have been appropriately identified and verified by a trusted source they know and recognize.

The Benefits of RealNumber

Helping to Restore confidence in the PSTN with you in mind!

Resp Orgs

Provide added value and enable Enterprises to achieve A-level attestation.


Increase consumer trust, call completion rates and satisfaction


Answer the phone with confidence knowing who's on the other end.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Somos

Somos stands uniquely positioned to deliver the data needed to inform an originating Service Provider of a customer’s right to use a given Toll-Free Number as well as provide A-level attestation for numbers not assigned by the originating Service Provider. This is best demonstrated by our role as the authoritative leader in Toll-Free Number administration and our deep network of providers – over 350 authoritative TNSPs and Resp Orgs. With RealNumber, originating Service Provider are empowered with a Toll-Free Number’s associated data in a manner that is aligned with the STIR/SHAKEN framework and helps enable enterprises to achieve A-level attestation.

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