RealNumber®: Your Key to Driving Trust

Equipping Responsible Organizations with the tools needed to provide Enterprise Right-To-Use verification and protecting trusted business numbers from fraudulent calls and illegal spoofing

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Enterprises want to reap the benefits of talking to customers directly – which means that customers need to trust the number calling them enough to pick up the phone when an enterprise calls.

Are you looking to support your enterprise customers’ and help enable them to achieve A-Level Attestation on outbound calls achieve STIR/SHAKEN compliance? RealNumber® Right to Use (RTU) has you covered! It’s a powerful solution uniquely positioned to drive greater trust and confidence in voice calls.

With so many options available, what makes RealNumber your go-to solution for helping to ensure compliance with STIR/SHAKEN standards?

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The Benefits of RealNumber RTU

Helping to Restore confidence in the PSTN with you in mind!

Right to Use

RealNumber Delivers the data needed to inform an originating Service Provider of a customer’s right to use a given TFN.

A-Level Attestation

By helping enterprises achieve A-Level Attestation, Resp Orgs can strengthen their customer relationships while providing a value-added service.

STIR/SHAKEN Compliance

Empowers the originating Service Provider with the TFN’s associated data in a manner that is aligned with the STIR/SHAKEN framework.

Right to Use

Helping to Enable Enterprises to Achieve A-Level Attestation

At a time when trust is paramount, it’s critical that calls are properly vetted, and caller identification information authenticated. As many enterprises have found while navigating the process, however, achieving full (also known as A-level) attestation is often easier said than done.

Service Providers can now leverage RealNumber RTU to provide confirmation of a number’s right to use – an important step in the attestation determination process. This is accomplished by validating the assignment by a Telephone Number Service Provider (TNSP) of a Toll-Free Number. What sets RealNumber RTU apart from the pack however is that it’s the only solution whose baseline for validation comes directly from the Responsible Organization (Resp Org) of Record. Specifically, RealNumber RTU works with the Resp Org to ensure that only the data points relevant to validation are consumed, thus promoting an increased level of trust and confidence. 

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Comply with FCC Mandates and Join the Fight Against Telecom Fraud with RealNumber DNO & DNOT!

RealNumber is the key to helping service providers comply with regulatory mandates aimed at eliminating unlawful robocalls and robotexts. With its robust Toll-Free and local number dataset, RealNumber Do Not Originate (DNO) & Do Not Originate Text (DNOT) offers a one-stop solution that is comprehensive, affordable, and user-friendly but, more importantly, helps you stay in compliance! 

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RealNumber also supports fraud prevention and combatting spoofed numbers from reaching consumers!

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