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Why Text with Your Customers?

"When you give your customer a number they know and trust, and can call or text, it guarantees a person to person connection. Don’t miss out on connecting with your customers. Text enable your future with Toll-Free.”

The way we communicate revolves around texting, and businesses have the chance to serve their customers in a way that fits their busy lives with texting over Toll-Free.

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Ready, Set, Text!

We surveyed consumers about texting, how they text, and how businesses can better serve them when they offer text messaging as a communication channel. Check out the inforgraphic below. You can also download a hi-res copy to share by clicking on the download button on the right.


The Front of the Line

The mobile commerce market is growing rapidly, and customers are using their devices to handle every step of the shopping experience. This article hones in on the mobile trends that are going to shape how businesses serve their customers.  


VIDEO: Smart Marketing Powered by Toll-Free Numbers

“Marketing analytics is key in understanding the performance of our campaigns, and one of the ways that we track that is through using 800 numbers,” said Shannon Finberg. “We use Toll-Free Numbers across all of our marketing channels so that we can start to put together a customer touch-point map. That way, we can understand how are people behaving with our marketing channels, and how can we optimize the ones that people seem to be responding to the most.”